Big Changes at MGM


Big changes at MGM, so I'd like to keep our great clients up to date with all of them. It is with heavy heart that I say farewell to Karolyn Pham, after 5 great years she is moving to Chatham Ontario to begin a new chapter with her talented partner Kevin Urie, opening their new studio and art gallery.

Please feel free to contact Karolyn there for consults and bookings. I thank her immensely for her fantastic work and devotion, we took a big jump to break away from the security of walk in shop life, and no matter how tough it got she stuck by me through all kinds of chaos. I will miss her terribly but I'm very excited for her as well. If anyone needs further contact info I'll be happy to pass it along to you.

Machine Gun Mollys thanks you all for your patronage and appreciates your continued support!

Kelly Rothschild